In an era where social media amplifies the costume competition for Halloween, the stakes are high.

And it is often the parents who get carried away trying to outdo one another, turning a fun aspect of the holiday for children into one that is mean-spirited.

Imgur user Ashontez, who runs a small business on Etsy making costumes, was criticized by an unreasonable and very angry customer.

Apparently, $25 an hour was an exorbitant amount of money to pay for a custom-made, 3D printed Optimus Prime costume.

The surly customer whined, "I'll pay you for materials and that's it!," according to Bored Panda.

Below is the text exchange of a prospective business request that quickly went south.


The vendor was attacked for the price after explaining it would be to pay for their time custom modeling the costume only if the customer had not purchased the 3D blueprint.

"All you do is sit at a computer," the customer fumed.

The customer continued being belligerent.

The irate customer would not be ignored.

They even hurled a few D-bombs, er, F-bombs, to demonstrate just how angry they were.

And a threat to shut down the business was made.

Not cool.

Ashontez later posted a breakdown of the numbers to justify the cost for making the costume.

"For those that are curious as to how I got those numbers here is the general breakdown: It would be a rush job, plus I charge about $3-4/hr plus double the cost of materials."
"it would take about 36-48 hours to print the helmet alone. Add in about another 24 hours per piece (4 leg pieces, 4 arm pieces, two hands, helmet, chest, back. that would take (ballparking here) 13 pieces x 24 each is 312 hours. 312 x 3 = $936 thats also before the cost of material which I can't really guestimate, and doesn't even consider painting the damn thing."

Someone on Imgur vouched for the legitimacy of the pricing.

"In switzerland there is easily charged 150$/hr modelling fee plus material. Plus 90$per printing hour at least... So your prize is good." - Vivec88

People sympathized with Ashontez and gave their assessments on the situation.

"Reminds me of the dude who tried to commission a quilt from a freelancer for the price of materials. Time is money numbskulls" - Tacocatisapalindrom
"I don't get these people that seem to have no understanding of how any business operates... value must be added or else the shop closes down" - Rhythmaster
"Why do I have to pay you to build my house if I provide all the bricks!?" - pfsar
"Wonder how he is at the supermarket? "That much for milk? You wholesale it for half that! I'll give you half that." - FilthyRaider
"What a twat. "Ok guy, then go buy a full custom suit of plastic armor for your kid at the place that will sell it to you for $50." Unreal." - FistfulOfAssholes
"I feel this pain. I love when someone tells me that I just "click a button" when I show up w $20k worth of photography gear to a job.Riiight" - djbigley
"Tell him to ask a machine shop what they charge for modelling. And then when he's not happy, tell him to ask an engineering consultancy next" - DavidBrooker
"Artists takes years to learn their craft, blows my mind that people think artists should be paid less then nothing for work that they do." - Kightzeareau

According to Boredpanda, the complaint actually boosted Ashantez's business.

"I'm sure he's just going to report my profile to Facebook and post a few rants on his timeline about how terrible I am and to never use me. Which, ironically, has helped more people ask for commissions, the traffic to my etsy shop has jumped up quite a bit since posting this yesterday."

Artists and craftspeople deserve to be paid for their time and expertise, just like any other professionals. If you can't afford their services, demanding they change their pricing to accommodate you is not a good look.

H/T - Boredpanda, Imgur

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