People Divulge The Biggest Realizations They Had As They Got Wealthier
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I love money. Everybody loves money. And anyone who says different is lying. Now I'm not saying I'm in love with money, and that its the only thing that matters, but its pretty great to have.

I've been very poor and I've had a few bucks and I can attest, having a few bucks is better. Going to be bed hungry isn't fun.

Now truthfully I've also seen money bring about immense stress. Once you start acquiring wealth people notice, and they always want something.

So you do have to start being more diligent with the people you surround yourself with, less one. It's all a learning curve. And Lord please take me on the ride.

Redditor u/SheelahSchimek1980 wanted to hear all the details surrounding the acquisition of riches, by asking:

What are some things you realized as you got wealthier?

Money isn't all about counting the coin or buying any frivolous thing you want. It's also about spending wisely and sharing wealth. That's part of the gift, just ask Oprah.


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"That the best thing money gives me is freedom to make choices."

- Fumbi_was_here


"Money doesn't buy happiness so much as it buys security. There's a lot less stress about really critical issues with money, which has the unfortunate effect of freeing up your brain to be worried about more trivial things. But not having to worry about certain expenses or fret over whether a minor indulgence will set you back is simply relaxing."

- AmigoDelDiabla

99 Problems

"Technically I am much wealthier than I was 5 years ago. I've learned the phrase "More money more problems" is for people with no control over their spending."

- msb41

"More money more problems" can apply to just buying crap, but I think it is actually supposed to be attributed to what happens when you invest and aggressively build wealth. I now have a day job, a Bar I own, and an investment property. All of that on top of other normal day-to-day crap. It's a lot more problems but it generates a lot more money."


Less Scary

"It doesn't buy happiness as much as it reduces certain stresses. Being poor is scary, and frustrating and stressful as hell. Money won't make someone happy, but it will give them the freedom to do the things that will make them happy. My dad works with a lot of rich people and the ones that are the most miserable are the ones that don't do anything fulfilling with their wealth and freedom."

- Style_Grand

Money Cycle

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"You can actually do the whole 'it takes money to make money' thing."

- batsofburden

Security, security... security. That is definitely the running theme with wealth. Security and freedom shouldn't have to be a luxury, that is an unfairness of life for sure.


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"Having money isn't everything, not having it is."

- Defiant-Second1776

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Panic be Gone

"Everything has gotten so much easier now that I have money. I can afford to live in a decent place so I'm not stuck with awful roommates and/or dealing with a slumlord. Decent food and other creature comforts are easier to obtain. Heck, I've even taken vacations."

"So many problems can simply be avoided by spending a little more money on something with a higher quality or buying some before I need it. Plus, stress is also much lower since my bank account isn't always on the brink of going into the negative. A while back my insurance suddenly stopped working and I had to pay $200 for a medication instead of $8."

"Ten years ago that would have given me a panic attack because I'd have to skip meals to make rent but now it's just a minor annoyance that I can fix down the line. The terrible thing is, I'm not that wealthy. I make just over $70k a year which makes me thoroughly middle class. Just by being above the poverty line I find that life gets so much easier."

- BW_Bird

the hard way

"Just because you can save some money by doing things the hard way doesn't mean you should."

- itch_Tuna

"I had an argument with someone recently who was extremely pissed that I'm going on vacation but not going to do it on a tight budget. I said that I was just going to set aside some money that will be more than enough and just say "f**k it" and not care about expenses as I know they won't go beyond that amount of money no matter what I do. They were extremely, extremely pissed. Need to have a very tight budget with every single thing planned, price checked and researched for the cheapest price possible."

- agreeingstorm9

Cookie Clicker

"The more money you have, the easier it is to make more money. It's like that Cookie Clicker game. It's true when they say the first million is the toughest, because with 8% annual returns, because it'll take you decades to earn that first million, but then it'll take less than 10 years to double it to $2 million (assuming 8% returns), and less than 6 years for the next million. Combine that with using leverage to give yourself even more money, it'll take less time."

- CampPlane

Soft Landing

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"Fortune and luck are not ignorable... they matter more than a lot of people are willing to admit, perhaps for ego reasons, or perhaps they've simply fooled themselves. Also, the cushion of safety and ability to have most of what you need provides a lot of dignity that can't be ignored either."

- ZookeepergameNo4680

I love money even more now. I have no shame in admitting that. I will do good things with it. So fingers crossed, for all of us.

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