People Break Down Which Things Have Progressively Gotten Worse Over Time
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Time is not always a friend.

It can systematically destroy everything.

Or is that just humans abusing time?

Everything does degrade naturally...

RedditorBoring-Cauliflowerwanted to talk about the deterioration of life in general.

They asked:

"What has consistently been getting shi**ier?"

Life in general. Life has gotten worse. Not to be a downer. What happened?

Falling Apart

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"My health as I get older. People aren’t kidding when they say 'I turned X age and started falling apart' it actually happens."


Stop Sharing

"Social media."


"Yeah it used to be all about sharing stuff with your friends. Now it’s all about trying to keep your eyes on it as long as possible so they can show you more ads. The social networks that are about sharing stuff and the actual content either get acquired or die."



"T-shirts. It used to be that you would get a t-shirt and it would last you literally decades. Almost more importantly in my opinion, the shirt also had some 'structure' and shape to it. Now t-shirts are thin, flimsy, and formless. I feel like I’m wearing an undershirt or a pajamas shirt."

"I should note that around the time t-shirts got sh*ttier, all the t-shirt brands started advertising 'THIS IS THE SOFTEST T-SHIRT EVER.'"

"I’m 99% sure the whole 'softness' marketing was to distract customers from the fact that the fabric got thinner and cheaper. Because although the flimsy fabric is legitimately very soft, 'this shirt is not soft enough' was never a complaint I had with old t-shirts."


Company XYZ

"Advertisements. Not only the quality of advertisements, but frequency has skyrocketed. For example, when you watch a basketball game, these MFs put an ad in between free throw attempts. Everything is presented by Company XYZ, everything has some sort of advertisement connected to it, and it is infuriating."


Bad Idea

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"Fast food. It was always bad for you, but now it doesn't taste as good either, and is more expensive, on top of being bad for you."


Remember when Burger King was only like a dollar? What happened?


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"The quality of furniture. Unless you want to spend $10k, you cant really get something that will last 50+ years."



"Halloween Decorations. Used to be able to buy metal gates, concrete/plaster tombstones, and many other creative decorations that would last you several years - maybe even decades. Now all you can get are flimsy styrofoam and plastic tombstones meant to last only one Halloween (looking at you, Spirit Halloween)."


Try to buy...

"Housing costs."


"It's ridiculous. Our rent keeps going up, so my husband just said 'Screw it, let's move in with my dad for a year or so to save.' Thankfully he was cool with it, because we seriously never have any extra to save! I don't know how people without help can do it. Rent is so expensive it's impossible to save the money needed to buy a house!"


“the old days”

"Life and perception. As i get older and learn more I consistently yearn for 'the old days' but I’m not actually yearning for old days… I’m merely wishing I could go back to when I didn’t know anything about how life and the world actually operates. Youthful perception is usually more optimistic."


Mainstream Down

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"Mainstream network television programing."


"I swear to God, at work, most of the crap on TV is either a mediocre drama show about a government organization or firefighters, cringe a** news stations like Inside Edition, game shows or generic 'talk' shows that feel more like advertisements."


Oh, the good ole days. What happened?

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