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Woman walking through field looking sad.
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Not much good can come from dwelling on the past.

Even so, no matter how hard we try to avoid doing so, we can't help but look back on things we've done in our lives which we regret.

In some cases, it's nothing which had any sort of lasting effect, like wishing we thought more carefully about where we had a birthday or spending more than we could afford on an outfit that didn't end up paying off.

In sadder cases though, we often wonder what our lives might have been like if he had made a different, and smarter decision.

If we didn't say certain things to certain people, not spoken up when someone needed us to or rushed too hastily into a life we weren't ready for.

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If you think about it, planning a breakup isn't all that different than planning a proposal.

In both cases, you need to find a perfect time appropriate for the moment.

Of course, the biggest difference between the two is the outcome.

Even if there is a small chance both parties will leave a proposal unhappy, both parties leaving a breakup on the emotional side is all but guaranteed.

Making it all the more important to carefully choose where and when you want to tell your partner you are ending things.

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In one of her more memorable moments on the iconic Sex and The City, Samantha Jones attempts to return a vibrator at her local Sharper Image.

Of course, the horrified store employee informs her that The Sharper Image does not sell vibrators, and the item she was attempting to return was, in fact, a neck massager.

However, a few knowing glances with some fellow female customers made it clear to Samantha Jones that she was not the only one who bought electronic massagers to alleviate tension in other areas than intended.

This is only one particularly funny instance of an invention thats purpose has shifted over the course of time.

Indeed, coca-cola and other sodas were created for medicinal purposes, and today soda pop is enjoyed purely for pleasure.

And who could forget how simple, cardboard milk caps would evolve into the game and trading frenzy that was Pogs?

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People Break Down Which Things Have Progressively Gotten Worse Over Time
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Time is not always a friend.

It can systematically destroy everything.

Or is that just humans abusing time?

Everything does degrade naturally...

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