Weddings are supposed to be celebrations, but they can also be stressful and bring up bad memories once the entire family is together. Sometimes, weddings can go off the rails.

reddit_userr asked: 

"What is the worst thing you've ever seen happen at a wedding?" 

These were the most shocking responses.

The Ex-Files

Divorced father of the groom started up about how much better his new wife was compared to his old wife, during his speech.

On and on and the qualities of Asian women vs white women.

I've never looked at my shoes so hard in my life.  Vadersballhair

Worst Man

I worked weddings for a living and once saw the best man get loaded, give a speech, and profess his love of the bride and how they had slept together two nights before.

Open bar: 1, best man: 0  cjbeck71081


Sibling Rivalry

The sister of the bride who wasn't invited showed up drunk and got in a fight with the bride until the father of the bride broke it up by putting the sister in a choke hold and dragging her out of the venue.

The bride was surprisingly fine afterwards  paulsmith4908

No Refunds

The bride fainted, and hit her head hard enough to go to the hospital in an ambulance.

No refunds, so they amazingly still had the reception. pretty subdued. we had a few drinks and just left.  cubs_070816


Period of Mourning

One of my wife's coworkers got married this past summer. Her father passed away from a fatal heart attack the morning of the wedding but her family insisted and convinced her to go on with it, so she did.

It was awkward as hell and nobody in the building made it through without crying, even the minister.  chipmunksyndrome


My mother in law handed out an EP of my now sister-in-law to as many guests as she could & threw a fit in the middle of the dance floor later that night because I didn't let her daughter sing with the band or karaoke. Her exact words were, "How dare you make today all about you."

It was MY wedding day.  mrsmx


Xerox Your Own Vows

Not a bad thing that happened for me, just really awkward. Went to wedding of someone from my church a few years back.

When it came time to say the vows, he pulls out a sheet of paper and reads on for like 5 minutes, getting really intimate and pouring his heart out to her. It was kind of awkward tbh. But the icing on the cake was her response. When he was done, she just giggled loudly and awkwardly and got out "ditto!" That's it. That was her wedding vow.

So freaking awkward.  FutbolMasta


Bridal face plant...

followed by a girdle breaking...

which led to the dress ripping.   RedIcingGuy


Let the Music Play

Some (jerk) bit the DJ because he refused to play a certain song.  UknowNOTHINjon


Bride never showed up.

My cousin was the groom and had about 500 people in attendance. He got on the mic and said there's no bride, so we had the party anyway. He married someone else 2 years later  PM_ME_UR_HAIR_COLOR


Fight Night

Having to stop a Bride's Stepdad from hitting her over the head with a chair was a highlight.

The whole room were just fighting with each other, the best man kicked the Mother in Law.  UknowNOTHINjon


I had Momzilla duty at my friend's wedding a long time ago - my job was to haul her out of the church if she made a scene like she was threatening to. She wildly objected to the marriage, wore black to it, and probably would have made a scene if it wasn't for the large, burly diesel mechanic stationed behind her. 
Things calmed down in the years afterwards, but yeah, that was... memorable.  james4765


True Confessions

For me the absolute worst one was when the newlyweds were arguing at the end of the night, in front of their young son, she admitted to cheating on him. It all came out there and then in front of his family and he was devastated.  UknowNOTHINjon


Bride's step-mother and mother got into a fight. Step-mother bit the mother. Wedding went to a screeching halt.

Yup. Straight up chomp. Don't think it broke the skin but it definitely left a gnarly swollen bruise  PM-ME-ELEPHANT-JOKES


Public Outbursts

The bride's mother stood up during the ceremony and began screaming that the bride was a lying wh*re who never loved her mother. InsectGuru


There was like an 8 year old boy who had loads of confetti in his hand so I didn't think much of it, turns out he thought it was sugar paper and ate all of, he then proceeded to projectile vomit everywhere through the middle of the ceremony. Was one of the funniest and most disgusting moments of my life.  theorangepanda99



There was this guy outside of the hotel walking up to groups of people in the smoking area, asking how much each person weighed. He was very overweight himself, and his jeans looked to be on inside out. He was severely under dressed for the occasion, and no one seemed to know him. Anyways, he would ask a person's weight, and then exclaim "I can bench that!". Until one guy (I think he was a family member of the bride) got into an argument with him and started asking around if anyone knew this person, figuring that he was a wedding crasher. That's when this gentleman decided to cut a deal with everyone. "If I can pick up that bench with my bare hands, can I stay for the party?" To which everyone agrees, because the bench was clearly bolted to the ground. So, he walks over, puts his hands on the bench, crouches down, and with all of his might... poos his pants in front of everyone. He stood up and waddled off through the parking lot to never be seen again.  MangeStrusic


Nervous groom stood with his legs straight for too long. Fell forward and knocked himself out cold hitting the first step to the platform with his head.  keilwerth


Monster-In-Law, Pt. 2

My cousin's mother-in-law told my cousin (the bride) that her dress was ugly and then called the next day to ask if they had sex. Super awkward.

My cousin is super religious and modest and was waiting for her wedding night to do anything so it was extremely embarrassing for her.  jessthemessb

Arrested Development

Groom got really drunk, trashed the suite, and got tased by the police before being arrested.  najing_ftw


Broken Bond

This was me (groom) at my rehearsal dinner. My parents had divorced when I was 13 and I didn't have a strong relationship with my father until well into my 20's. We had vacationed together a few times and things were good leading up to my wedding. 
My Dad asked if there was going to be some sort of MC at the rehearsal dinner. I told him my best man was going to say some things. He said great and wanted to say a few words and would bounce it off to him afterwards. I thought "wow, that's great." 
On the day of, he proceeded to lay into a Don Rickles roast of me for a solid 5 minutes. To this day it is legendarily talked about with my friends as the roast that skipped the "but seriously folks, my son is great" part. 
I didn't talk to him for 4 months or so, then finally got it off my chest by telling him how sh*tty it was. He sent a lengthy apologetic email to all of my family. I truly don't think he knew how hurtful his "joking" was. However, damage done. I basically fell out of love with my father that day. He lives 45 minutes away and I see him a couple of times a year. tmcdonal

Peep Show

Friends' wedding a few years ago. The DJ had screens up for slideshows of the bride and groom that were played during some of the songs.


DJ's screensaver was Girls Gone Wild style videos. We saw lots of boobs on those screens.  anotherrachel


Blame It On Being His First Time

After arriving 45 minutes after the ceremony was to begin, during the ring exchange, the groom gets this blank look and says he didn't know he was supposed to buy her another ring.

Sister-In-Law slipped off her wedding band and handed it off to the preacher.  jlmccuan

Sound Advice

The bride's father had a heart attack while they were reading their vows. He didn't make it. Not a great way to start a marriage.

After multiple father heart attack stories, it seems like sending dads in for a check up six months prior to the wedding should be part of the to do list.  redditsmasher2 BrobearBerbil


Parks and Recreation

Just as the bride started walking down the aisle, her grandmother had a sudden cardiac event. We had to stop the procession and start CPR in the aisle way. 
What's worse is that we were in a large park, and people calling 911 couldn't give the address. I ran to the rangers station, but it was locked. I broke a window screen and crawled through to use the land line EMS could trace and respond. She didn't make it. 
As an added bonus to the horrible situation, I later found out the ranger had placed a hidden camera in the women's restroom where the girls got ready/dressed for the wedding. He served jail time.  FrankieBlackjack

That Camera has a Microphone

I ruined my cousins wedding videos and I'll never live it down. 
When I was 13 my cousin got married and my brother was in charge of photography and video for the day. At some point in the day my brother gave me the camcorder and told me to shoot and take video. Longer story shorter I was unknowingly recording when myself and another cousin were talking about girls at the wedding and as one girl walked by I said "I would f*#$ that girl!" 
1 week later... THE WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY decided to watch the video of the wedding and I have never felt so embarrassed in my life.  muchflamer

Wedded Oblivion

One of my best friends weddings.....The groom got so drunk that he straight disappeared from the reception. Got real awkward when it was time for the wedding to be OVER. The venue was kicking us out and the bride and groom were supposed to take off in their vintage car and drive off to their honeymoon suite. The music went off, lights went on, and it turned into the guests searching for the damn groom. My husband finally found him in the parking lot basically face down on his lips. He helped him back into the wedding which was basically the most awkward walk of shame past the bride's glaring dad and grandfather. The groom was too drunk to drive. Bride's grandfather drove them to the hotel suite (which was a 30 minute drive). My friend (the bride) later told me that when they got in the room, her new husband, passed out cold on the bed and she had to wander the halls in her wedding dress looking for someone to unhook her dress for her so she could get out of it.  RubyShyne


Live Show

I went to a wedding in a huge manor house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The house was lit up by big floodlights in the ground pointing up at the house. When it got dark some guests ran inside to the bar/dancefloor and shouted at people to come outside and look. 
A man and a woman, who met for the first time at the wedding, were having sex below one of the floodlights but didn't realize that their gyrations were being projected 50 feet high on to the side of the house! A perfect shadow of two shaggers. They were very embarrassed when they found out.  Taucher1979

Loving Family

Was at a wedding this summer. The groom's family absolutely tore their son/brother apart during the speeches.

They didn't say one loving thing, and went on to talk about all the mistakes he made during this life.

The worst thing they brought up was how he was responsible for a car accident that put someone in a coma. I was cringing. haveagreatsummerHAGS


Every Dog has his Day

Brother and sister-in-law thought it would be fun to have their dogs walked down the aisle after their flower girl spread the flower petals. 

The dogs thought mid-way down the aisle was the perfect place for a pooing photo-op on the white runner.  Vealophile



For the bouquet toss, a middle-aged guy forced his middle-aged girlfriend out onto the floor, then stood by her so she couldn't leave.

The bouquet was caught by an excited little girl.

The guy proceeded to yank the bouquet out of the little girl's hands, gave it to his middle-aged girlfriend, then ran off the floor cheering loudly to high-five one of his buddies.

The little girl ran away crying.  xjrob85


Sorry Nana

I was friends with a couple that had split right before my wedding. I knew I couldn't invite both of them and I was closer friends with guy but he decided to move out of state after the break up so I invited the girl, let's call her Kelly. 
Kelly shows up with a new younger knock-off version of her recent ex. Cool, whatever. Kelly is about 5'11, 120 pounds, maybe. Good looking girl, long legs. She decided to wear a mini pleather skirt which wouldn't have been too bad, only there was also a two inch slit up the back. A little much for a wedding but whatever. 
The whole wedding family members, friends and coworkers kept asking me who Kelly was and if I knew she was basically flashing all her goodies to the whole guest list all night, including the children. See, I was too distracted by my wedding to notice that Kelly also decided to not wear underwear. So every time she sat down during the ceremony and reception her nether region would be visible for all behind her to see. 
Thanks Kelly, now my 90 year old great grandma knows all too well what your goods looks like.  nurimoons