There are very few brides who don’t have every single inch of their wedding mapped out to a tee. What the venue should look like, what food should be served, the color of their bridesmaids dressing. And more often than not, those helping out with the wedding will do their best to make sure that […] More
Having a child is not for the faint of heart. Though it is incredibly fulfilling for some, having children around changes what a person’s day-to-day life looks like and what they can go out to do for fun. If they aren’t ready to trade some of those social events in, they might not be ready […] More
Many brides have dreamed of their wedding day for most of their lives. So when it comes to sharing attention on the big day, any shift in focus can cause major drama. A woman on Reddit learned this the hard way when she proposed to her partner the day before her sister’s wedding, sparking major […] More
Everyone wants to feel celebrated. We all want to feel like we are appreciated but what happens when someone wants to be appreciated for something that they haven’t done yet? That was the issue facing Redditor and Original Poster (OP) reneehoney987 when she came to the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit to get opinions […] More
In the United States, we’ve all heard negative things about the public school system, from poor curriculums to despondent teachers to school violence. But while we can all agree that the public school system could be improved, we can also agree that homeschooling may not be a viable alternative for everyone, pointed out the “Am I […] More