God is a big part of life.

It's become a contentious topic in life for many to discuss.

So people are so driven by faith.

And many others find it just a fun fantasy.

But what many of us believe is deeply personal.

And that should be respected.

Redditor Glittering _Leading74 wanted to talk about one of life's most controversial issues: God. They asked:

"Do you think God is real, and why?"
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Atheists Confess What Would Actually Change Their Minds About Religion

When it comes to religion, a person either believes in a god or doesn't believe that a higher power exists.

But people are more complex than that. As we evolve throughout our respective journeys in life, we are known to vacillate between conforming to some ideas while dismissing others.

What we used to believe in no longer applies based on our negative experiences and vice versa.

Does it work the same way with faith and believing in God?

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