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Many children grew up going to church and never questioned why Sunday mornings were reserved for the Lord.

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With so many people in our generations growing up on Harry Potter, it can seem kind of nuts that magic-related things would be restricted to us when we were kids. But plenty of children grew up with restrictions to what they could watch or otherwise consume- typically the children of very religious parents. Here are their stories.

u/monsteraadansonii asked: Redditors with religious parents, what nonsensical rules did you have about what video games/books/movies/etc. were okay while growing up?

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What people find offensive can vary greatly from person to person and one culture to another. Morality can be pretty different between different religions and cultures, and the same holds true for what is considered truly insulting or offensive.

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It takes a lot to turn away from religion, so it must take even more to turn back.

Atheism generally comes about from people who have completely and totally lost their faith, either via a traumatic life event or from some other disillusionment. But some people do eventually go back.

Some go for the community. Some go for the lessons. But what is it that made them turn back?

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Most of us were raised in some sort of faith.

Church is a part of the communities of America, and church groups often have outings together, camps, bake sales, festivals--it can be a really inclusive experience, if you fit in.

But churches also have serious problems. Bigotry, indoctrination, taking large quantities of money from its parish--and sometimes those things can send people away.

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