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It can be really easy to develop a crush. That’s because they usually happen before you really know the person you have a crush on.

Sometimes, when you really get to know the person you have a crush on, you find yourself falling in love with that person.

When I found out my first crush loved Harry Potter just as much as I did, I decided he was the boy I was going to marry.

Of course, since I was in second grade, things didn’t exactly work out between us, but I digress.

However, other times, getting to know the person you're crushing on leads to a piece of information that makes you instantly lose interest.

Redditors have plenty of experience with that and are ready to share.

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The Most Unromantic Things Couples Have Faced That Actually Brought Them Closer Together
Photo by Abdul Gani M on Unsplash

Having a partner in life is great, but even romantic relationships aren’t all about the romance. Sometimes, things happen that are just plain unromantic.

And sometimes, those unromantic things end up bringing you and your partner closer. Like when one of you gets sick the night of a long-awaited concert and your partner ends up cleaning up your vomit all night long and never once complaining about missing his favorite group (a real life example? No, of course not)!

Redditors have had their fair share of unromantic experiences that ended up bringing them and their partner closer together.

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We all want those moments we see in rom-coms for when we meet our significant others.

We bump into each other at an ice cream shop and go on a wagon ride in Central Park.

Or else we meet in the elevator in the building in which we both work.

But what about people who have a not so romantic story?

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