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Raising a child is hard and can take a toll on even the best parents. Children can bring a lot of joy but they can also be very frustrating, and it's okay to give parents room to vent. Sometimes, try as they might, nothing they do can calm a child down.

And that seems to hit the hardest during the toddler stage, when children really, really don't know how to handle their own emotions. They'll yell and kick and scream, sometimes for no reason at all.

What's up with that, right?

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Parents Break Down Their Toddlers' Biggest Meltdowns
Yuri Shirota on Unsplash

"Don't touch me or my skin!" is a legendary battle cry in my family, courtesy of a frustrated and dramatic then-three-year-old.

She wanted to be picked up and cuddled, but also not touched in any way shape or form.

Honestly - same, fam.

Like... it's impossible but also I totally get it.

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Parents Describe The Times They Forced Themselves Not To Laugh While Punishing Their Kids
Photo by Surface on Unsplash

Disciplining your kids is a necessary evil. It helps them to understand there are consequences for their mischief so they will behave better in the future.

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Toddlers are a test of the human experience.

No matter how much you have it together, a toddler has the ability to throw you for a loop every which way. Things you didn't think you'd have to explain become fodder for explanation; phrases you never imagined would come out of your mouth simply have to-for the sake of your toddler.

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Mom Who Questioned Whether Timeouts Are Actually Good for Kids Is Sparking a Heated Debate About Parenting
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One mom blogger challenged parents to look at the way they punish their kids.

Now it's sparked a debate

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