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There's a show on Hulu called A Teacher that made me think about the repercussions of a teacher having an illicit affair with a seventeen-year-old student.

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Teachers have a TOUGH job.

They mold the minds of the future, and literally provide childcare for 8 hours a day for countless kids all over the place. The profession demands our utmost respect and gratitude.

Fortunately, there are some perks for those who choose the role of educator.

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As a former teacher, I can tell you that the goal is to always hype up and encourage your students to reach their goals and be their best selves. As a former student, I can also tell you that not every teacher is like this. Unfortunately, there are a handful of teachers out there that use their position of authority to make them feel like they have power. I've seen it happen firsthand, and it's awful.

Sometimes, the people who we depend on for our growth are also the people who hurt our confidence the most. Here are a few examples from former students, who discuss the worst things a teacher could ever say to a growing kid.

U/f1rebird1523 asked: What's the worst thing a teacher has said/done to destroy your self-confidence?

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Think back to your K-12 days. You had A LOT of teachers in those 13 years.

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Taking a written exam is like deliberately entering a fugue state.

Under beaming fluorescent lights, pen in hand, you flip the paper over and feast your eyes on on of the more stressful inanimate objects out there.

You blast through the questions and give the best answers possible. Hopefully you're prepared and the experience isn't pure panic and quickened breath.

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