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I hate hypocrites. They are the bane of my existence. All you have to do is stand behind your words. How hard is that? You said them. I especially get peeved when people bloviate on a topic and condemn and holler but then when it comes to them doing it... silence.

Redditor u/ErrForceOnes wanted to know about the moments people chose to curiously "pay no mind" by asking... What is a GIANT hypocrisy that no one seems to mind?
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Just say NO! That's a famous 80's catchphrase about staying off drugs, but it is also one of the truest and most life-affirming mantras that many of us have come to appreciate. Saying no, putting one's well-being first, have become the new narrative for a society that was always over-extending itself. Sometimes you just have to decline an offer or decide that, no, this situation isn't healthy for me. And then the freedom you feel... there is nothing else like it.

Redditor u/SketchyByte wanted everyone to share the times in life they have never felt better by asking... What is the most satisfying "no" that you have ever said?
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One time, when I was living in New York, at 3 AM, after a night of dancing and revelry, I, and fifty other people were waiting on the "A" train. it had been a solid half hour of frayed patience. And no train had come along. We had all been holding in silence or hushed tones so everyone was annoyed but calm. When suddenly two people who seemed a little mentally "off-kilter" began to joust. At first it was just alarming, but subtle, then one pushed the other to the tracks. Everyone screamed. I fainted, because I'm useless in an emergency. Everyone lived, but I still have nightmares as that is one of my biggest fears.

Redditor u/instantaniouspickle wanted to see who needed to discuss the things their eyes can't unsee by asking... What is something you witnessed that you will never forget?
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I drink too much. During a regular, friendly conversation I would never say that. But I can say it when it needs to be said. I hate it. I'm not a fall down, blackout drinker, but I drink everyday, because, why not. It is who I am now. I'm cognizant enough to celebrate the fact that I imbibe enough to function while I poison my body. Which is not a celebration. Ok. Your turn.

Redditor u/Doctor_Philly was wondering who wanted to discuss those traits and truths about the self we were all willing to discuss by asking..... What is a truth you don't like accepting about yourself?
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There are just somethings that really should be said in person or over the phone. I love to text as much as the next guy, but not about important life matters. Don't be that lazy y'all. I realize that we've lost the patience and aptitude for human connection but we can get it back, just by the sound of a comforting voice. Or let's just use our brains when we are communicating. Think about how would you like to receive certain types of news? Then act accordingly.

Redditor u/jdparmenter wanted everyone to come together and spill some tea about those morning messages we've had to deal with once we look at our devices by asking.... What is the worst text message you could wake up to?
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