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Woman looking at Bible
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Famous quotes have frequently been credited to the wrong famous person, like William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, or even Morgan Freeman.

But another popular reference point is the Bible, to which a surprising number of ideas have been falsely credited.

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People Explain Which Famous Quotations Are Actually Total BS
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We are fed tons of untruths from the womb, and not just by our nearest and dearest, they to are told numerous tales.

Society, religion and creatives all play a part. Like the rules of karma. Who actually believes in karma? If karma was real I'd see a ton more satisfaction in humanity as a whole.

I witness too many people still running around causing mess and with no consequences. That's just one example.

Let's hear some more words of wisdom that are fraudulent.

Redditoru/SavBeeingwanted to compare notes on all the crap so many of us are told through life, by asking:

What famous quote is complete BS?
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