Ninety percent of the time, our children are what we make them. If you're a parent with an active role in your child's life regardless of your marital status you're going to inevitably rub off on them. Now you hope for that best, that they follow your more appealing traits and not your Dr. Hyde mentalities, but life and child rearing isn't a perfect science. And we all tend to forget.... they are always watching.

Redditor u/ADyingInfadel wanted all the divorcees out there to fess up a few secrets about their kids that they aren't crazy about....

Divorced parents of Reddit, what is something your ex spouse did, that your kids does too, that you hate?

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Exes can either be great or awful and it seems like there's no in between. But a defining moment is right after the breakup. You can really tell what an ex was truly like as a human once the breakup has happened.

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They're called exes for a reason. Before you think about taking your ex back, take a second to reflect on all of the reasons why you left them in the first place. Everything happens for a reason, and for these Redditors, the reasons are abundantly clear.

Kindaherekindanot asked: Why is your ex an ex?

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It's safe to say your exes are exes for a reason. Something in your relationship just did not work out, and while it may have hurt at the time, you're better in it for the long run. Though, certainly, if all your past paramours were to gather in one place they might have something to say to you.

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Redditor u/FarRush1 has a quandry. Money always leads to trouble if you're not careful. It can cause issues you've never even dreamed of. For instance.... My [24F] boyfriend [26M] won a lot of money, wants to help his ex.

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