Trying to balance your health around your job can feel like a difficult tightrope act. You need to get your medical care in order, but your job can be demanding coverage that’d be difficult to provide. Redditor TAeyeop needs some emergency eye surgery. However, their needed time off conflicts with another employee. This is causing […] More
We all tell little white lies every now and again. And most of the time, these lies are justified, particularly if they’re to prevent someone’s feeling’s getting hurt. It’s when these lies can be harmful to others, or for that matter, yourself, that they become more serious. And if there’s one person you should never […] More
People Confess The Most Out Of Line Thing A Doctor's Ever Said To Them

As patients, we rely on the expertise of medical professionals to be able to identify whatever ailments we're suffering through.

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Meeting the prospective in-laws is always a stressful experience. Particularly for LGBTQ+ couples. Sad as it may seem, not all people are accepting of their children as one would hope, and as a result put their respective partners at an unfair, and uncalled for, disadvantage. Such was the case with Redditor PHDthrowaway42t, who could tell […] More
Having to deal with other people’s crying children is never a good time for anyone. For one woman on Reddit who is working 100 hours per week as a medical resident, her neighbor’s constantly crying newborn keeping her awake was resulting in her falling asleep on her feet at work. When her attempts to try […] More