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Over the course of time, we often find ourselves discovering things we once loved as a child that didn't turn out to be quite as wonderful as we remember.

Up to and including a restaurant we used to love, a clothing brand we almost exclusively shopped at, or an amusement park which dazzled us when we were young. While the disappointment could be owed to a slightly foggy memory, there might have also been an overall decline in quality at any and all of those places.

Making this experience all the more perplexing, however, is the fact that the less happy experience was much more expensive than it was when these same things brought us joy.

A curious imbalance indeed.

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On the third episode of the fifth season of the classic sitcom Happy Days, Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzerelli memorably jumped over a shark while water skiing, still wearing his iconic leather jacket over his swimming trunks.

While the episode in question, "Hollywood: Part 3", is not considered one of the series' best, it was nonetheless a defining moment in the history of television.

As it inadvertently coined the phrase "jumping the shark", signifying when a once beloved television series has seen a serious decline in quality.

More often than not, most shows find themselves suffering this fate, namely when they've run out of ideas and should have gotten out while the getting was good.

Did anyone think the final season of Once Upon A Time made any sense?

However, thanks to intrepid writers and dedicated actors, certain shows manage to avoid shark-infested waters, and remain flawless, at least in the eyes of some fans, from beginning to end.

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