dark secrets

Every town's history is riddled with lies and tall tales. A Nightmare on Elm Street might be just a fictional horror story, but a portion of it is rooted in fact. All those parents held close to the vest the fact that they killed Freddy and years later the children paid for it. Every small town has the same issue. Secrets are always buried. Everyone should discuss these matters before Dateline NBC arrives.

Redditor u/The_StoryTeller_Am wanted to know all about the darkness many towns keep quiet about my asking.... what is your towns dark secret?
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Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

There are just some truths about life we need to stop running from. Everyone tiptoes around certain topics and people when we should be exposing secrets and lies. More often than not harboring secrets just leads to more secrets and hinderance. Life is not always on our side and most of the people we know.... are going to disappoint us and chocolate is fattening. Take a deep breath and start there....

Redditor u/Mark_Ps2 wanted to see who was wiling to share some truths about the everyday that often are kept hidden by asking.... (SERIOUS) What are some dark secrets about regular life that people should know?
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Some details in life are just too harsh to talk about. But often the secrets that haunt us are the stories we most long to tell. It's all about unburdening. We all carry so much pain and shame and we long to shed it. The craziest part is that we have no idea that we're dying to talk. When we least expect it.... the truth will out.

Redditor u/SadisticFishyboi wanted to know who would be willing to share some dark details they've learned or about themselves by asking....

What's the darkest secret anyone has ever told you?[serious]

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