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Barn with an American flag on it

Traveling the world can be a highly enlightening experience.

It opens us up to various cultures and customs that can only expand our wisdom of the capabilities of what people can achieve while also reminding us that we are all the same.

And while there are common practices that are shared by different nations, there are some things that Americans seem to excel at more than in other countries.

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People Describe Different Traditional Breakfast Menus In Their Culture
Photo by Leti Kugler on Unsplash

Food is a culture all its own.

That is why people get so wrapped up in it.

What we eat, how we eat, and when are part of our identity.

We should study breakfast more.

Some people love cereal, others caviar and smoked salmon.

To eat each their own.

Now I need some eggs benedict.

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People Break Down Which Things Seem Normal In Their Country And Strange In Another Culture

When traveling abroad, one need only set one foot in a foreign country and realize just how different their culture and customs are to ours.

While Americans would certainly expect this in countries on different continents, where they speak a different language, they might find themselves surprised that even our northern neighbors in Canada still have a noticeably different way of life to ours.

And likewise, visitors from abroad, be it Canada or Cambodia, will likely find themselves startled at things Americans find commonplace.

Redditor kerris2508 was curious to learn about things which are everyday occurrences in some countries which foreigners might find bizarre, leading them to ask:

"What is something that in your culture is normal, but in another place is a weird thing?"
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People Abroad Share The Most Generic 'John Smith' Names From Their Home Country
Shane Rounce on Unsplash

We like to think we're individual snowflakes, dancing around on this planet until we land on the soft, gentle tongue of death.


Turns out, we're not as unique as we think. Ever meet someone with the same name as you? Weird, right?

How do we tell Jennifer apart from Jennifer, or which Zach is the one with brown hair and the one with blonde.

Thankfully your name isn't something so unbelievably common sounding that it sounds made up, like John Smith, or something.

That's only here in America, though. What about the rest of the world?

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