There’s nothing wrong with pulling a harmless prank every now and then. As long as the prank is, indeed, harmless, and doesn’t put anyone in any physical or mental danger, and the person on the receiving end of the prank finds it as or more funny than the mastermind behind it. Should even one of […] More
When one’s relationship begins to get more serious, leading to eventually moving in with your significant other, certain things about your prospective living situation should be discussed. Learning about major differences, not to mention dealbreakers, after having made the big move could result in some serious tension. Or worse yet, it could put the future […] More
All soon-to-be step-parents want to make a good impression on their new family. This could mean making certain adjustments to their lifestyle, in an effort to ensure that they will be welcomed into the family by their step-children. This could mean eating foods they don’t normally love or trying out hobbies that hadn’t previously interested […] More
It is more important that you help someone or how you help them? Should you scold someone for offering an option that someone doesn’t want, or give kudos for offering to help at all? Redditor Sonodemaisbicho has a tumultuous relationship with her parents. The original poster (OP) has done well for herself, and tried to […] More
One always wants to go into a blind date with an open mind. After all, who knows, the evening you’ve been dreading for weeks might end in your meeting the love of your life. Of course, there’s also every possibility that your blind date might have one of your unequivocal deal breakers for a relationship. […] More