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People Share Why They Were Bullied When They Were Younger
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Kids can really be cruel. Why is that? Simple answer, because adults don't know any better. Bullying is a learned behavior and it's time for parents to step up.

As much as we discuss bullying out in the open nowadays, it still seems like an enormous amount of kids are suffering.

We definitely have social media to thank for that. Too many people have access to easy ways to spew their hate and vitriol.

Let's hear some stories...

Redditor FarSheepherder3880 wanted to hear from the survivors of bullies, they asked:

"What did you get bullied for?"
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People Describe The Most Ridiculous Thing They Were Ever Bullied About
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Bullies suck! Why so you have to be cruel? What do you gain from it? At any age, trying to crush another person is so wrong. And coming from someone who was relentlessly bullied, I know of which I speak. So much of the time it feels like ALL the bullies in life seem to pounce for no concrete rhyme or reason. Not that there is ever a good reason to bully, but more often than not, they leave us with a big ole "WHY?" And some inflictions seem really dumb.

Please explain...

Redditor u/likeistoleyourbike wanted to discuss the people who decided to make everyone's lives more difficult, but in odd ways, by asking:

What's the most ridiculous thing you were bullied over and what prompted the bullying?
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