I'm sorry. They are such simple words. And in their simplicity, they can heal deep and burning wounds. To be bullied is to be hated. That's what it feels like in the soul. When I was in high school I was overweight and closeted, so of course, I was easy prey. They would call me names with such abandon and violence then they'd laugh like they were participating in a comedy show.

The worst day was when glass bottles were torpedoed at my head for sport. And to this day, not one apology. But I carry it. I often wonder if they (and they know who they are) wonder about me and the fact that they may have gone a bit overboard.

Redditor u/Ronnybeans was hoping all the people out there who know they did another human dirty are willing to sit and discuss when they realized they had some apologies to make. They asked... Former bullies of Reddit, when did you realize that you went too far?
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As kids, we spent about 8 hours every day in school for 10 months of each year. Not surprisingly, a few useless lessons made their way into the curriculum.

Well, maybe more than a few.

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It is a universally acknowledged truth that kids are master minds of cruelty. They have a sixth sense which allows them to pinpoint the source of insecurity in another human, craft a statement that is as cruel as it is creative, and launch the insult with cold and distant absence of guilt whatsoever.

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Hurt people hurt people. But because you're a hurt person doesn't mean you have to take it out on the rest of us. Sorry, but if you come for me, I'm coming for you. Most bullies will retreat once you let them know.... your wrath is to be feared.

Redditor u/VinceDeezer wanted to hear some stories about taking down the coward that is Goliath by asking.... People of reddit, what was your revenge on a bully?

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Being a kid is rough. Sometimes you can't breathe the air around you without someone making fun of you for it.

What can make you a target is unpredictable. I was once made fun of for "having a face." Another kid was a target for watching anime. It just takes a little impetus from some jerk and all of a sudden it feels like the entire school is laughing at you.

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