People Share The Best Thing To Do After Being Rejected So It Doesn't Get Awkward

Being rejected by the object of your affection is humiliating, and the awkwardness that follows the momentary heartbreak only exacerbates the embarrassment.

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People Break Down Which Fictional Characters People Should Stop Glorifying
Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I love a good bad guy in fiction.

Who doesn't?

The villain is always the juiciest character.

In the end, they're the most broken and flawed. So they have the most to unearth.

But as generations have passed, and on a second glance, there are some characters we maybe give a little too much respect to and love to.

I mean, you don't watch Dateline NBC and root for the serial killer. Right?


I blame the book Wicked. It turned the villain story upside down... and The Sopranos.

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It's time to talk truth.

Humans seem to do all we can to avoid that word.

Nobody wants to be embarrassed or feel weird.

But if we don't ask the hard questions to get to the truth (with finesse) we're just running on assumptions.

And assumptions are the enemy, especially in relationships.

But what a world of difference it would be if you just had a respectful conversation about all the things.

Let's try...

Redditor Batman_1267 wanted all of the men out there to share some things they've been dying to talk about, they asked:

"Men of reddit, what's something you've always wanted to ask a woman but thought it would be too embarrassing to ask them?"
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