People Describe The Most Famous Person In Their Family
Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Are you related to anybody famous? Where do they stand in your family?

The reality is, we are all probably related in some way or another to some famous figure at some point in history—the size of the human population was a lot smaller back then.

But how about now?

Does anybody whose name crosses the news on a regular or semi-regular basis come to your holiday table?

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Recent breakthroughs in genetics have allowed average folks to learn all sorts of subtle details about their family histories and the winding road connecting great-great-great grandma to the present day. But despite all the fanfare, not everyone is down to look under the hood. One Redditor, who posted on the “Am I the A**hole (AITA)” […] More
People Explain Which Of Humanity's Accomplishments Still Blow Their Mind
Image by Willfried Wende from Pixabay

These days, the deep flaws of humanity are on full display.

Look at the news for just a couple days and you'd concluded that inept leadership, chaotic conflict, disinformation efforts, and environmental violence would appear to be the primary indicators of humanity.

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Imagine being hungry during the caveman days and contemplating whether or not you can eat that giant serpent that just slithered across your path.

Or being captivated by the brightness of a berry and assuming it is delicious enough to eat.

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People don't usually live their lives considering the future generations too heavily.

Sure, one's children and grandchildren are in the plans. But rarely do the children 200 years from now factor into the plans.

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