I love food but I am no foodie. Food is here to sustain survival or to fill your feelings because you're unloved, I jest. I clearly have a complicated affair with the munchies. Who doesn't? And all of that drama begins at birth.

Think of it... before we can express ourselves properly we're being force-fed food we may loathe. So when we're kids, meals can be traumatizing. Some ingredients just do not mesh with your body chemicals. And that's ok. So parents stop force-feeding the gross.

Now as we age our palette refines and grows. So some of the food we hated we can learn to love or appreciate. But it takes time.

Redditor u/y_kama wanted to chat about the menu, so they asked:

What did you dislike to eat as a child, but now do you adore?
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Parenting is hard. That is a basic, simple truth--and it is not meant for everybody. I truly will never understand why people don't have to prove themselves capable of being parents before they decide to bring a new life into this world. You have to have a license to drive, buy a gun... fish! Why is there not a parenting permit?

Everything you do affects your children. And then children become adults who carry your actions that turn to scars. The job of a parent is riddled with failures. So that is a truth you have to ready yourself for and then make a plan to do better.

Thank God for therapists.

Redditor u/umbralia wanted to discuss the gritty details and the imperfections of childhood, by asking:

What are the things you feel your parents failed at when raising you?
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When I was ten, twenty even, I remember having so many friends Christmas would drive me to bankruptcy. Friends at work, friends at school, friends in the neighborhood; they were everywhere.

I couldn't even define the feeling of loneliness until I was almost 30. And knowing loneliness isn't actually a bad thing, more people should know that sooner rather than later. Eventually my friend pool dwindled, as does everyone's.

You realize quickly that hanging around on the monkey bars isn't an efficient way to meet new people when you're 40. And monkey bars themselves are a detriment to your back.

It isn't always easy to go out and meet new people, but you have to try. So let's compare strategies.

Redditor u/zehlewe wanted to meet some new people for platonic fun, by asking:

How the hell do you make new friends as an adult?
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I hate kids. Ok, that is a strong sentiment, I dislike kids... a lot. I babysat one time in my life and that was more than enough.

The only other times I babysat was when I was forced by my mother to watch after my brother which was never fun. Sorry, bro.

I also just can't handle the responsibility of keeping someone's kid breathing. I kill plants.

And I know what I was like as a kid to keep an eye on, so I speak from experience.

Redditor u/oh_the_struggle wanted to chat with people who have a struggle or two watching over others by asking:

Babysitters, what's the most unsettling thing that's happened while you were babysitting?
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How did I not know that this entire time? I feel like I say that more often than I should. And I know I'm not alone.

There are simple facts of life that seem to elude all of us on a daily basis. Now many of the things that are new to us can be because of environment and general curiosity, not just just because we're lame in the brain, so don't worry.

I know a ton of my newly discovered knowledge is thanks in large part to the internet. I've lost track of the amount of sayings that I spoke without knowing their origins or true meanings. So I often find myself googling things I never thought to google, mainly because I never had a Google.

Let's learn, pencils up...

Redditor u/boy-1der wanted to hear about what fascinating things people have recently discovered that many of us have known since we learned to walk by asking:

What basic, children's-age-level fact did you only find out embarrassingly later in life?
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