workplace drama

Woman stressed about office work issues
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We've all known that one coworker who tried to show up as late as possible to work, or who looked for ways to take longer lunches or breaks.

Fortunately, most of us weren't in situations where a coworker was actively breaking the law.

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People Describe The Craziest Workplace Scandals They've Ever Witnessed
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Every time I start a new job I make a solemn pact with myself that I will not get mixed up in an unnecessary drama. I will promise to avoid all scandals. And I refuse to bear witness to or participate in any and all salacious nonsenses. Cut to me and two to three weeks later... the main character or important supporting player in a storyline too hot even for Melrose Place.

Redditor u/lanyeweisst wanted people to dish on some salacious nonsenses they came across by asking....
What's your workplace scandal?
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