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Sex in the workplace is a problem.

Everybody sees it. Eventually.

The glances.

The stolen moments.

It's all on display.

And the one lesson I've learned most assuredly is... you can't hide the attraction for long.

My best advice... be cool. Ignore one another.

And even that can be a sign.

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Not everyone has the luxury of working in a safe environment.

Rather poignantly, most of the essential workers, who continued to report to work as the world shut down during the pandemic, often had to report to very dangerous conditions.

And while we'd like to think that the people who are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of these employees will make sure nothing happens to them, that simply isn't always the case.

As many people have witnessed, truly horrific accidents take place at work more frequently than we think.

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Corporate woman at work at desk
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Most of us have worked somewhere or attended a school where there were some ridiculous rules in place.

Nothing might bring us more joy than to see some of those rules backfire.

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For Hire sign
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I spent most of my adolescent and teen life making money from babysitting and tutoring, so I was really excited when I got a job as a hostess at a restaurant. Not only was it at a place my friends frequented, but I would finally be able to relate to all the people who had jobs at a real company.

I worked at that restaurant for a year and a half, but it only took me a month to learn that once I left, I’d never again want to serve.

Hosting is grueling. You have to be on your feet for hours at a time. The job also sours your outlook on people in general. Guests are rude, or they ask you to make a modification and scream bloody murder once you do it. They ask you to move to another table, and you accommodate them, but then the servers get mad at you for adding to their load or taking away the potential of tips.

Now that I’m removed from that situation, I mostly think of the good times. However, whenever someone asks me if I’d ever host again, I have to stop myself from laughing in their face.

Redditors faced the same plight with certain kinds of jobs, and were only too eager to share what those jobs were.

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Workplace Red Flags That Scream 'Don't Take A Job Here'
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When it comes to a job, you need to be happy. Unless you’re working part-time, the majority of your weekly waking hours will be spent at work. You’ll want to make sure you’re working at a nice place doing something you like along with people you can tolerate (or even grow to be friends with).

My first job out of college was wonderful. The office was gorgeous, warm, and inviting. My co-workers were fun and accepting. The fact that conference rooms were named after Harry Potter houses, a wall was lined with Pokemon plushies, and the kitchen was stocked with snacks and a high-tech coffee machine were just bonuses.

Those are known as things to look for.

My second job was the opposite. People quit as soon as possible, the remaining co-workers looked downright depressed, there was no work-life balance or open-door policy, and Glassdoor was riddled with bad reviews.

Redditors know even more things to look out for -- red flags warn candidates from taking a job somewhere -- and they’re only too happy to share.

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