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Women Explain Which Things They Wish Men Would Stop Doing

Reddit user enkiv2 asked: 'Women of Reddit, what's something specific that you wish men would stop doing?'

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We all have things that we enjoy and things that we absolutely can't stand, and that's also totally true of the things that people do around us or do to us.

And women have something to say about men's behavior, how they treat women, and what women would like them to stop doing, effective immediately.

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Women Divulge Which Non-Sexual Things A Guy Has Done That Totally Turned Them On
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Dear Men,

Can y'all please put your forearms away, you're creating a distracting work environment for everyone.

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Gentlemen.... are you comfortable? If not please do find a seat. The ladies have a few things to say. There are some lessons that need to be distributed to the masses. Women have a few things to say about their thoughts, wants and desires and it's time to listen. Get a notepad or pull out your phone to record. You'll be a better man for it guys. And boys and men of all ages can learn something.

Redditor u/anotherphilosophygal wanted all boys to listen up and take some notes cause some tea is about to be served by asking.... Women of Reddit, what's something important you think men really don't understand about being a woman?
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