Forgetfulness is something we all struggle with from time to time. We forget our keys or our wallets, and we view this as a moral failing. The issue isn’t always a lack of consideration or caring though – it can be any number of other factors getting in our way. So, what happens when someone […] More
Childcare is a serious concern. And an expensive one. It’s an especially difficult issue when it comes to newborns. A lot of parents would love to save any amount of time and money not having to deal with childcare. Though a few other parents… maybe feel differently. Case in point… Redditor Odd-Source-853 to discuss his […] More
Group vacations always seem like they’re going to be fun in the planning stages. But when the big trip finally happens, it isn’t always as fun as everyone hopes it will be. One person may want to waterski while others snorkel, some people are early risers who want to get a head start on the […] More
They say opposites attract. And indeed, many people find themselves falling in love with people with whom they have sizable, if not fundamental, differences of opinion. Generally speaking, however, these differences can be easily forgotten by the two people finding common ground, helping them realize just how much they love one another. Sadly, common ground […] More

Lots of people have so-called bucket lists—things they want to do or see before death.

Included on many of them are famed destinations like the Eiffel Tower, Times Square, the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon or the Great Wall of China.

But are all of these places worth the time or money to get there? Are some of them underwhelming in person?

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