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Young students are notorious for their rowdiness and horseplaying, but not all students are like that.

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Trouble will find us no matter what. Even when we do our best to walk the straight and narrow... or do our best to cover our tracks, the universe will send justice. Justice often is sent in the form of mom and dad or 911. They will be swift and heavy and it makes going home the most nerve wracking experience. Home becomes the enemy but being naughty comes with consequences.

Redditor u/CosmicLuxray wanted everyone to open up some tales about naughty behavior by asking.... What was your "I'm f***ing dead when I get home" moment?

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We've all done it and we must be more careful. Pay attention to who you are texting. Sending the wrong text can end marriages, heck it can shatter lives on the daily, start world wars. Don't be so confident when you start to finger play. Look at the name first and always.

Redditor u/producermaddy wanted to hear about all the texts gone wrong by fingers that are way too nimble by asking.... What's your worst "I sent this text to the wrong person" story?

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Being an educator is one of the world's most arduous professions. Kids are a hand full, and parents can drive you to the vodka. It's stressful enough trying to just impart wisdom, imagine having to call home to tattle on the kids for the most outrageous issues. Teachers insurance should definitely cover mental health care.

Redditor u/Tee_01 wanted to hear from educators about the times they had to call home by wondering.... Teachers of Reddit, what is the most embarrassing reason you called a child's parents for?

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Look, I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend a fair amount of my life grounded. Usually it was for totally BS stuff (which my parents now admit - they were WAY more strict on me than on either of my siblings and would often "ground" me from books or educational TV for seriously minor offenses in an attempt to force me to go outside... not the best tactic, but at least they can admit it.) There was once, though, that my grounding was deliciously deserved.

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