Asking for forgiveness is a brave thing to do. Accepting forgiveness and giving absolution is just as huge. Often times when asking for forgiveness once must be prepared to not get it. And be at peace with that. Which is easier said than done. Case in point… Redditor orangesaredabomb wanted to discuss her experience and […] More
People Divulge Which Questions They'd Like To Ask Trans People Without Judgment
Towfiqu Barbhuiya/Unsplash

Humans are naturally curious creatures - it's a primate thing.

As kids, we tend to explore those curiosities and ask whatever random question popped into our heads. As adults, we learn that some stuff just isn't our business. Some questions are intrusive or uncomfortable.

We don't necessarily "mature" beyond ever having an inappropriate or intrusive curious thought. We are just mature enough to know we aren't entitled to those answers, and that it's unfair to make someone uncomfortable by asking those questions.

But then there's Reddit...

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