Sometimes family can be on the polar opposite ends of an arguement. Sad isn’t it? You think you know somebody and then suddenly, a rift is casued. This can be especially difficult when it involves parenting each other’s children. Case in point… Redditor Typical-Door-1269 wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he […] More
Build-A-Bear Employees Describe The Most Memorable Voice Recordings Customers Have Made
Barrett Ward on Unsplash

A Build-A-Bear workshop may be "Where Best Friends Are Made," as the toyshop claims.

But the stores also have the capacity to breed mischief, thanks to naughty customers taking advantage of the personalized voice recording option–a popular feature.

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If you see something, say something is a familiar mantra that can be applied towards suspicious activity. Redditor TipAgreeable9659 did just that, when they noticed their eight-year-old niece had a habit that could lead to bigger problems in the future. But when they addressed the situation, it was met with backlash. The Redditor visited the […] More
People Who Grew Up Poor Explain What They Associate With Being Rich
Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

Money isn't everything, but it can change everything.

I think we're far enough along as a society to appreciate the fact that money does indeed make things easier.

I grew up poor and my biggest regret of my childhood is that I didn't grow up rich.

There are just so many things you have access to. No... money is not the cure for everything wrong, and it can cause strife, but it can get you a lot great stuff that makes drama easier to deal with.

There were so many simple signs of wealth I could point out as a poor kid, you'd be shocked. Sometimes it was just three meals a day.

Redditor phiggie wanted to discuss everyone's ideas on being rich, by asking:

"Redditors who grew up poor, what do you associate with being rich?"
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Show me the money, if you've got it! Growing up wealthy is something most people only dream about. And children who grow up with money don't immediately realize the meaning of rich or the differences between their lives and the lives of their friends. And that moment can be quite the culture shock.

Imagine being six and you attend your first party. And much to your surprise one of the people from the household answers the door and you're thinking... "Where is your butler?"

Talk about a sharp look into how the other half lives.

Redditor itsohsodemi wanted to hear all about the times people accepted that they had financial privilege, by asking:

People that had rich parents growing up. When did you realize you were rich?
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