Be it a sports team, movie star, or book series, just about everything has its fan base.

Though some fanbases are much more "fanatical" than others.

In some cases, one fanbase leads to another, such as Twilight internet fan fiction leading to the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy.

Sadly, there are also fan bases that don't simply celebrate the person, series, or team they idolize, but sometimes make an effort to take down their rivals and competition.

Clogging up social media, message boards and online comments sections with their unpleasant rhetoric.

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young girls in sunglasses
Photo by Morris Fayman on Unsplash

Even in our progressive society, there are still far too many people with antiquated, mostly ludicrous, opinions of what it is to be a woman.

These are primarily from men in powerful positions.

However, some women also tend to look down on those who believe they are giving their gender a bad name.

This ignorant behavior is most commonly known as "toxic femininity".

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