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Life is full of suspicions and theories that we'll never be able to prove in concrete but are just obvious. I'm not talking about wild conspiracy, but thoughts that make sense without a shadow of a doubt. Just lacking tangible evidence. Which can sound like wild conspiracy.

Think about aliens, ghosts, unsolved murders, all situations we know we have validation, but... do we have solid receipts? The everlasting issue. Let's break it all down.

Redditor u/Lazy-Ape wanted to dive into what we know deep down are facts, no matter what others say, by asking:

What are you convinced is true but cannot prove?
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Defending your thesis is no joke. I've had friends crack up while preparing. It plays out like an episode of "Defend Your Life." In many cases you are defending your life. Your thesis is more than words on a page, it's a fundamental belief that you've been working towards for years. Everything learned and gained has had a part to play in the birth of that brief. So it can be gut wrenching and life altering when you find yourself at a loss in it's moment of reckoning.

Redditor u/dexMiloyev wanted to know about the times as a student when many of us were left.... stumped by asking.... Doctoral candidates who couldn't defend their thesis, what happened?
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A good conspiracy theory has just enough grains of truth in it, and is just this side of impossible enough that maybe, just maybe it might be plausible.

It should also probably not be something easily disprovable (looking at you, flat earth.)

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Evil is very, very real and it lives among us. There are far too many tv shows, movies, literature and podcasts reporting on so many vile and depraved acts. We all have a few degrees of separation from the topic of murder. We either know someone directly or of someone whose life has been taken in gruesome fashion. And half the time we are all turned into super sleuths with the answer to the crime. If only we could prove it. (One day Carole Baskin)

Redditor u/violetgnome wanted to discuss some of humanity's darkest mysteries we maybe able to solve by asking.... What unsolved murder are you sure you have the answer to and what is the answer?
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I know what you're thinking... "Yeah right, there's no way there are any EX flat earthers out there..." I had the same thought when I first saw the Reddit thread I'm about to share with you. But it turns out, there are - and they're much more willing to speak than people might think.

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