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Let's be honest, most of us don't read the Terms and Conditions before we click that little "I Agree" button. Most of you probably aren't even going to read this intro.

A huge chunk of you are going to open this article and immediately scroll to "the meat" because we're all about getting to the good stuff. But that rush can sometimes mean missing out on some seriously important tidbits of info.

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I always read the fine print and terms and conditions. It's one of those things about me that really annoys other people since it takes forever, but I always tell them they can take it up with Tyra Banks.

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When we purchase the latest hi-tech gadgets, we tend to toss aside the accompanying reading materials like the terms and conditions.

Or when it comes to signing a new lease for an apartment, some of us immediately scroll to the dotted line to leave our John Hancock without reading all of the fine print.

Whether they're contracts or literature that come with purchased products, do we ever really bother to read the detailed policies?

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Let's be real- have any of you ACTUALLY read the terms and conditions that come with a contract? It's pretty important to read before you sign, but it's just like, a lot of words. You know what I mean.

But this can come back and bite you in the butt, and that's when you realize exactly what you've agreed to. Here are a few stories of sneaky terms and conditions that went unnoticed.

u/sevencargarage asked: What are some sneaky "terms and conditions" that people commonly unknowing accept?

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Terms and conditions are generally just a scroll-through endeavor.

We know we are responsible for blah-de-blah and we can't do xyz and so on, those are pretty standard with all terms and conditions. But do you ever wonder if we're being taken advantage of or else made fun of in that text?

For the most part would our lives change if we actually read the terms and conditions? Probably not. But we might illuminate some things we never knew about that company before.

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