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I've been waffling for years as to whether I should get some body art. I keep chickening out. Getting inked isn't for everyone. And I still have night terrors from the time I held a friend's hand as she shook through a six-hour sit down for a massive thigh portrait. So much blood. Yuck. But I do have a few artistic ideas...

Redditor u/Paintingrefinish wanted to hear from the tat community about the times they had to weigh art over conscience by asking... Tattoo Artists of Reddit What was the most "Hard NO" moment of your career?
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Tattoos written in a language not spoken by the wearer are not uncommon.

People like to have a mysterious mark that they can claim is deeply significant for them, and yet you have no idea what it even means.

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The body is a naked flesh canvas, though some people do run out of room after awhile. Tattoos have become one of the most genuine and creative ways for people to express themselves and tell their stories; or display talent. I have seen some exquisite renderings on a muscular back.

Ink is forever. Which is why its good to put some thought into your body art. Some of the tattoos people choose to mark themselves with can leave witnesses speechless, and not in a good way.

Redditor u/saxonn_88 wanted to hear the details behind some of the most obscure body art people have come across by asking.... Which type of tattoo makes you cringe the most?

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The tattoo industry has become a billion dollar enterprise. A form of artistic expression that was once considered grotesque is now highly regarded as beauty and a form of healing for many. People have found a way to tell their stories through ink on flesh. And tattoo artists have become a sort of therapist and a witness for those who need to bare their souls about life's truths and turmoils. Sadly.... once and awhile the story is less than happy.

Redditor u/Emmafayee wanted those who ink others to share about some of the times they've been taken aback by what clients wanted to do with their bodies and why, by asking.... Tattoo artist of reddit, what's the most beautiful/saddest Request you've ever gotten or one that has stood out??
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Tattoo artists are flies on the wall. They get to see the moments before, during, and after a person's decision to permanently plaster something on the outer layer of their body.

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