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Have you ever had the sense that something you've been doing all along was incorrect but were too afraid to ask?

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People hard up for cash will do anything. But what about the other way around?

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Sometimes, it's the simple things that give us the most trouble.

We can carry a job, manage a complicated schedule full of work, friendship, family, and romance, but we can't do the little things here and there.

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Nobody is perfect. We can't all be great at everything. Even though we so desperately believe we can do it all, that is not the case. That realization can become a haunting issue when it pertains to life's simpler activities. For instance... I can't do math. After years of struggle and self doubt I realized... who cares? I hate math; hand me a calculator. No shame. We are just wired to intake info in different ways. And sometimes certain wires are just not meant to cross. Often times the deceptively simple alludes us and it's a mystery.

Redditor u/HarveySteakfries was hoping everyone was wiling to compare notes and admit to all the small things that so many of us just can't seem to conquer by asking.... What are some basic things that you can't do?
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