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Many people take having a roof over their heads for granted.

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Stories of teenage stupidity, we all have them. The flood of hormones, a strong desire to carve out your own identity, and poor decision making skills is a recipe for disaster...and hilarity.

Back in the early 2000's though we were of course the cool ones though. With our *extra wide leg* jnco jeans, black lipstick, snarky t-shirts, and spiked accessories we were just “so totally unique". Anyone who dared mention that maybe 20 pounds of denim, spikes, and poorly done makeup wasn't the most flattering was definitely a “normie" who just didn't understand...

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We all like to assume that a big old scar has an amazing, hardcore story behind it: maybe a valiant fight or some life threatening-escape.

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I love characters I love to hate.

Even when I hate them I can always find the reason they're involved in the story, so I find it difficult to want them to be erased.

Certain characters flaws and the most heinous decisions are written to further story and bolster the audience's love for the heroes.

So as much as we loathe them, we need them; much like our enemies in real life. That is what makes compelling drama.

Redditor u/nekoandCJ wanted to spill the tea on the characters we could do without in our favorite stories by asking:

People of reddit, what fictional character do you hate with a passion?
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I was visiting family in LA and I randomly suggested we check out the places we went to when my older brother and I were younger.

One day, we decided to visit the house where I was born.

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