Why can't we all just get along? Why do people have to act a fool or try to belittle others with violence?

That is why is can be so delicious to watch a bully or just an ignorant dude get a good comeuppance. Now I don't advocate for violence but, a quick thumping to knock the shoulder chip off or cause to fall from that pedestal they think they're on is sometimes necessary.

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We are in the golden age of television. Television is where it is at. But that doesn't mean everything is worth your time. There are so many "IT" shows, and there has been for like a decade. We can't keep up. If we could, we'd only be watching the television and never see the light of day.

But there are programs that don't survive the hype. And I hate that. You put aside time to start a series where everyone is... "OMG. This is everything!" Then you watch ten minutes and you're like... " Meh."

Being a fan takes time and patience, and I'm lacking both. So let's discuss what stories need to be avoided.

Redditor u/TheEliteKoala1 wanted to talk about all the tv entertainment that we just... didn't love, by asking:

What TV show could you just not get into?
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Laughing is a key ingredient to survival. You gotta have a few deeply glorious laughs every now and again. I love a good laugh, honestly we all do. Life was hard before COVID and now it's nearly impossible. And those times when we can let loose the tears because of something funny, can relieve any and all stress.

What I especially love are the laughs attached to a moment or a memory. The laugh that never gets old and you'll still be chuckling about beyond the grave. They are the true life savers. Who can relate? I hope everybody.

Redditor u/29t03jwies needed some reasons to smile and guffaw, so they asked:

What was something that you made you laugh uncontrollably?
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People are obsessed with hauntings and ghost stories.

Unexplainable phenomena remain a fascination for even for the timid. It's like driving by the scene of a traffic accident. As horrific as they are, people can't help but slow down and look.

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Never believe the hype, you'll often be disappointed. That is definitely a life truth I have experienced time and time again. I find it is a specific truth when it comes to movies.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen a movie after hearing people and critics go on and on about its glory, and then I walk away thinking... "Well, there's two hours of my life stolen and wasted!"

It makes you wonder if we watched the same film. I know I'm not alone on this. Right?

Redditor u/tosomalerot69 wanted to hear about what movies just don't live up to the hype, by asking:

In your opinion, which movies are overrated?
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