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People Explain How The Smartest Person From School Turned Out

Reddit user After_Crab_1921 asked: 'What happened to the smartest kid in your class?'

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Every high school had the popular girl, the favorite jock, the weird kid, and the smart kid. Whether or not they were the weirdest or the smartest, the population always seems to come to an agreement about who should carry the title.

But sometimes what the smartest kid in school winds up doing with their life isn't what everyone might have expected.

Or, they might excel beyond even their peers' wildest dreams.

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Where I went to school there was a special program that the super smart could enroll in.

It was called 'The International Baccalaureate.'

It's an intense program of elite classes, taught by the finest minds, and triple the homework of everyone else.

It was assumed that every student in the program would go onto rule the world.

Some did. Some most definitely did not.

Others cracked under the pressure of the program and fell apart by sophomore year.

So you never know.

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