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People Born Before 1990 Share Skills They Have That No One Uses Anymore

"Reddit user motivetodayy asked: 'People born before 1990, what trivial skill do you possess that no one uses anymore?'"

Ahh... life before the 90's.

The talents and skills lost.

There were ticket takers at the cinema.

When buying concert tickets, there was a human you stood in line to meet at 10AM on a Saturday morning.

You had to purchase tokens, not Metrocards in NYC to ride transit.

So much change.

Who can keep up?

Who will remember?

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Person texting with silver flip phone
Photo by Curology on Unsplash

When we're kids, we're taught by our parents, teachers, and other adults that what we're being taught is a skill that will stick with us forever, so we'd better master it and do so quickly.

But as any '90s kid will tell you, some things like balancing checkbooks and researching out of an encyclopedia really do become obsolete skills over time.

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As much as the most ambitious will hate to admit this, it's literally impossible for a person to learn everything in the world there is to know in one lifetime.

But arguably, there are some basics that each of us should know, at least by the time we're in our adult years.

So much so, it might be embarrassing enough for a person to keep what they haven't learned a secret from others.

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Women Explain Which Skills Make A Potential Partner More Attractive
Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

It can be quite a challenge to find a person with everything you're looking for in a potential partner.

So we settle for less than everything and go with a the person who have a few certain things.

Sometimes a person can have that little extra "something" we didn't know we liked.

"Something" can tip the scales in a new direction.

Perhaps a handy skill we didn't know we'd find appealing.

That's why musicians are so popular.

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We are all full of surprises.

We have talents we hide.

And some we are completely unaware of.

Can you open any bottle of pickles?

I can.

Useless, but once and every once in a while... life-affirming.

Redditor Middle_Ad_2619 wanted everyone to share about the things they do that make no difference in the world. They asked:

"What is a useless skill that you have?"
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