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I can do many things. Things that are astonishing and mean nothing. Like so many of us we all harbor skills and abilities that others wish to be experts in but... they're mostly useless.

I can balance and catch ten quarters off of my elbow and then catch them when I throw my arm down. Someone call Guinness, and not the beer.

I promise there is no reason to put that on a resume. But don't ignore special skills, because they are perfect to be the life of the party. And being the life of the party is a skill.

Redditor u/dawnsic wanted to hear about everybody's hidden talents that may (but probably won't) change the world, by asking:

What useless thing do you excel at?
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We are all good at something however, some talents are a bit more obscure than others, or perhaps your talent isn't something that easily comes up in conversation. I have almost oddly successful thrifting and sale trips. My designer dress? Got it for a small fraction of the price. I've literally had multiple people ask if I could take them shopping to help them find stuff like I do.

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If only all the things we excelled at were also the very things we loved to do most. But sadly, that is not the way it goes.

Instead, some horrible force of the universe made you way better at, say, sewing the holes of pants than playing guitar. The universe can be a spiteful, fickle jerk.

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There are basic life lessons that are life-saving and cost-effective that we are all intimidated by but, in actuality, they take all of a few minutes to acquire. We all condition ourselves to believe that certain skills in life are just too complex for regular joes to master. The truth is... you do not need an Ivy League degree to learn how to clean out the water heater, clip your pet's nails, or change out a toilet. Who knew? So many of us have been forced to acquire new skills while we've been trapped at home and we're going to be better off for it.

Redditor u/goodspeed19 wanted to know what lessons we should all be learning while stuck in quarantine that will make us more useful in the future by asking..... What's a skill you can learn in 30 minutes to one hour that is extremely useful/cool?
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Every now and then, we inevitably regret not having learned how to do something until it is too late.

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