black sheep looking through fence
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Every family has a black sheep or every family in its entirety are black sheep.

What is a "black sheep" anyway?

It used to mean a person who brought shame or embarrassment to a family, but it's more often used now to mean the member who is just very different from everyone else—sometimes in a good way.

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Having different sexualities in a marriage can be a lot of fun and beautiful. But everyone has to be on the same page. And if there is confusion, you have to be able to calmly speak about it. Otherwise it leads to trouble. Case in point… Redditor Kejryehe wanted to discuss his experience and get […] More
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People Divulge What They Believe Some Folks Deserve To Be Shamed For
Photo by Zachary Spears on Unsplash

There are just some people who need a good, spiteful talking to.

The amount of poor behavior I witness on the daily is astonishing.

How are we like this in these modern times?

Instead of serving shame, we're serving justice for improper deeds.

Be a better human.

Redditor ValenFrost wanted to share what people need a little bit of bad spotlight. They asked:

"What do you think people actually deserve to be shamed for?"
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People Break Down The Most Creative Insults They've Ever Heard
Photo by Katy Ward on Unsplash

We as a people have been throwing shade for generations.

And it's only getting better.

An insult lands better with finesse and wit.

Let's get creative.

Redditor futuresbloodline wanted to hear all the best shade we have to throw. So they asked:

"What is the most creative insult you've been told that you couldn't even get mad at it?"
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