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I love the reactions of parents when their little precious one utters its first words; it's like a high holy holiday. Parents can't get over that moment. From the second we are born we're trained to start gabbing. Communication is key in life, and once that milestone takes off, it's all pride and fun... until it's not.

My favorite parent reaction is when precious spits out some naughtiness in public, then parents cower in shame. And I'm like... what'd you expect, that's what you asked for, their using their words. That's you fault.

Redditor u/Great-Plateau wanted to hear from parents about those times kids have left them wanting to throttle by asking... What's the worst way you've been embarrassed by a child?
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Knowledge gaps happen to the best of us - and it's okay to admit when you don't know something.

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We love our parents most of the time, hate them some of the time, but chances are we're embarrassed by them 24/7. As much as we don't like to admit, they seem to know us better than we know ourselves when it comes to pushing our buttons, and they do it to maximum effect. Sometimes they do it unintentionally, blissfully unaware of their own un-coolness. Other times, why does it seem like they take gleeful delight in shaming us in front of our friends, families, and crushes? Ugh, It's just pure evil.

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There are some moments in life that we want to forget, but there are even more we want others will forget. Whether it's facing the consequences of that spicy food we ate or downing that last regretful shot of tequila, our bodies can quickly go from being our friend to becoming our worst enemy. It's good to have a sense humor about these things, they're only natural after all. Here are the best of the worst moments that truly, ahem, stunk.

Redditor u/madbubers asks:

What is the most embarrassing way your body has betrayed you?

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Sometimes we're sober, sometimes not so much. Sex is fun as long as it's consensual and safe. But we all know what it feels like to face that morning after. Especially if you're still in the same clothes from the night before-which are now a wrinkled mess-your hair is the poster child for "bed head," your breath is a bigger killer than Medusa. Oh that is a looooong, treacherous walk.... so I've been told. ;) Or then there are just "life" walks of shame. When we make a fool of ourselves in ways we couldn't imagine and then have to face people. Its brutal.

Redditor u/MichelCamarillo wanted to discuss some tricky life moments by asking.... Redditors, What is the worst "Walk of Shame" you've had? How did it happen?

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