self reflection

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The truth may always be the best option because, yes, lies will always come out and karma swings back around swiftly. Actually, let's be truthful.... the truth can suck. And not secrets exploding, like a spouse cheating, or corporate embezzlement, actual facts about life.

Better to start swallowing these bitter pills now.

Redditor u/Professional-Can8235 wanted to everyone to share about what revelations life has thrown our way and how to deal by asking.... [SERIOUS] What is the harshest truth you've ever learned?
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Self reflection is often quite difficult, because it can require us to accept some pretty uncomfortable things about ourselves.

Whether it's a major character flaw or just our own inability to deal with life, sometimes taking a deep look into ourselves is not at all fun

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We all have to grow up at some point or another, and we all experience watershed moments that lead us to make choices that come to define the overall trajectory of our lives.

When Redditor JapShag asked the online community "What happened that finally forced you to grow up?" the answers were about as revealing as you might expect.

Warning: Some sensitive material ahead.

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