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Things People Will Never Order At A Restaurant

Reddit user DGex asked: 'Reddit. What will you never order at a restaurant?'

Be it an old familiar, or a new establishment that has been the talk of the town, restaurant diners are always faced with a challenge once they are handed a menu.

Do they stick with what they know, and order the burger and fries or spaghetti and meatballs, which are both difficult to screw up?

Or do they get a little adventurous, and try the restaurant's specialité, even if it's something they've never tried before in their lives?

Generally speaking, it tends to be on a case-by-case basis based on the restaurant they are dining in.

Of course, some people have such an aversion to certain ingredients or dishes, that no matter the location, they will never order it.

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There is no feeling more frustrating than saving up for a fancy, expensive dinner at a restaurant everyone's been talking about, which you had to book months in advance, only to sit down to a very underwhelming meal.

What makes this all the more infuriating, is that there was absolutely nothing to suggest that this might happen, as the five star yelp reviews and sky-high prices suggested you were in for a treat.

Thankfully, there can be signs that certain restaurants aren't worth spending your money at.

Be it a grungy facade, a menu that seems a little too eclectic, or a less than welcoming greeting from a host, sometimes it's clear that you're bound to have a much better meal at your local greasy spoon than you are at certain restaurants.

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Sometimes we need a night out or to take a break from our cooking, and it's nice to go to a restaurant.

But from bad food to even worse service, there are details about the dining experience that can ruin the whole night out.

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People Who've Worked In Unhygienic Restaurants Share The Red Flags To Look Out For
Fabrizio Magoni/Unsplash

Ever look at a restaurants rating from the Health Department and wonder if it's truly that clean? Maybe you live in a town where the health codes aren't that strict. Well, someone on Reddit decided to ask people in the restaurant industry exactly what we can look out for when it comes to a dirty kitchen.

Reddit user Objective-Switch-823 asked:

"People who have worked in bad/unethical/unhygienic restaurants, what are some red flags customers should watch out for?"

Often times, customers don't have their eyes on the kitchen. It's behind a closed doors, and unless you know someone who works there, there's very little we can be sure of when it comes to hygiene.

Fortunately for us, Reddit came to our aid and explained a few things that we may not have picked up on otherwise.

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