People Break Down The Questions That No One Should Ever Ask
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I get we're a naturally curious species but if you think about it...

you can understand why curiosity killed that cat.

There are some wonderings just best left to the imagination.

But that of course won't stop some... well, most.

Redditor Chin_Chillin1213 wanted to hear about the inquiries that need not be spoken of. They asked:

"What’s a question we should never ask?"
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Mother’s Day is a day for children and spouses to show their appreciation for mothers. This appreciation can be shown in many different ways, including giving a lovely card, cooking a celebratory meal, or even leaving mom alone for the day. Redditor BadMomsChristmas was thrilled with the prospect of having a day to herself on […] More
People Explain Which Pieces Of Life Advice Can F*** Off
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Sometimes the best advice is silence.

I think we're far enough along now in the self help stage of life where everyone can just shut up.

Often times... life just sucks.

I know that is hard to hear, well it's certainly depressing, but it's imperative to embrace.

And some of these wise catchphrases need a break.

Redditor ThrilledStoic wanted to share the sage wisdom that is on everyone's last nerve. They asked:

"What life advice can just f**k off?"
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As kids, most of us are desperate to fit in and we want, more than anything, not to feel alone.

Over time, you discover that there is pleasure to be found in solitude and that you don't need to be around people all the time, especially not the ones who don't bring much value to your life.

Being alone is the best. Naps? Quiet time? No one to bother me? It's beautiful.

Kids don't know what they're missing out on until they're older, I suppose.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor MyLeft_Nu7 asked the online community,

"What is torture when you're a kid but heaven now?"
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Why can't we just let people be quiet if they want to? Why are so many others afraid of silences?

I'm no introvert, but I have many moments of tranquility. They are precious to me.

So I can empathize with introverts. The quiet time is my time, just let me be.

It's ok to have nothing to say or chose to not share.

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