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Children and adolescence are often completely inept and socializing responsibly.

Their hormones are flowing. They're obsessed with status and social hierarchies.

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Every town's history is riddled with lies and tall tales. A Nightmare on Elm Street might be just a fictional horror story, but a portion of it is rooted in fact. All those parents held close to the vest the fact that they killed Freddy and years later the children paid for it. Every small town has the same issue. Secrets are always buried. Everyone should discuss these matters before Dateline NBC arrives.

Redditor u/The_StoryTeller_Am wanted to know all about the darkness many towns keep quiet about my asking.... what is your towns dark secret?
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Being vulnerable feels like it should be declared a superpower. It is not easy to expose your feelings to another. Especially if that other has captured your heart. Telling someone how you feel about them is a daunting task for even an eccentric, gregarious person. Imagine how it feels for the shy type? But fear not, often love prevails.

Redditor u/swisscheesefanboy wanted all the timid kids to shout out by asking.... Introverted Shy Guys, How did you meet your girlfriend?
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Doing good deeds is often a selfless act. It's a golden rule... go through life doing good and your best and expect nothing in return. It's generous way to be, and often the reward is in witnessing the fruits of it's intentions, but every once and awhile it's ok to admit, a little recognition would be warming or just the thought of receiving recognition. We're all human, a pat on the back goes a long way.

Redditor u/David00001729 wanted hear from everyone who has been slighted for a good deed or two by asking.... What is the biggest thing you did but never got recognized for?
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When we talk about personality types, one of the things that often comes up is whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert. We just sort of accept that some people are quieter than others.

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