If marriage is one of our goals, it’s pretty common for us to have an image in mind of what we would like our wedding day to look like, if not also the proposal. And having a partner who does not share a similar vision can be kind of disheartening, agreed the “Am I the A**hole?” […] More
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There are dos and don’ts when it comes to weddings. The most basic of which is that it’s tacky and rude to propose to someone at someone else’s wedding. That was the understanding Reddit user burnt-toast29 had, anyway. But when the original poster (OP) denied her best friend’s girlfriend’s request to do just that at […] More
Redditor Ehaler is a person who has been with their girlfriend for about a decade and has a kid together. Marriage was something that has not been discussed as they claimed they were both not the “romantic type.” But when an opportunity presented itself, they took the next step. But when the manner in which […] More
Many brides have dreamed of their wedding day for most of their lives. So when it comes to sharing attention on the big day, any shift in focus can cause major drama. A woman on Reddit learned this the hard way when she proposed to her partner the day before her sister’s wedding, sparking major […] More