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Public marriage proposals are such emotional events, even passersby stop what they are doing to applaud the presumably happy couple.

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There have been so many different, inventive ways that people have proposed to their partner. One Youtube search can show you countless proposals. But it's not just about the act of asking someone to marry them- it's also the events that lead up to that unforgettable moment.

ashleyhellsan asked: Happily married couples of reddit, what was the moment you realized this is the woman/man you were going to marry?

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Traditionally speaking, when we think of proposals when it comes to hetero couples, it's pretty much always the man who proposes to the woman. We see it in movies, TV, internet specials, read it in books - there really aren't a lot of examples that most people can think of (aside from arranged marriages) where there is any deviation from that. He proposes to her. That's it.

But what if that wasn't it?

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Barneveld Fire Department/Facebook, @wareaglegurl17/Twitter

It may have been April Fools' Day but a New York fire lieutenant wasn't joking around when he proposed to his firefighter girlfriend during a drill.

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