Over the course of the last several years, anything in the career of airlines has become one of the most dangerous fields to be a part of.

I've lost track of the number of videos we've watched with passengers behaving badly.

And badly? That is an understatement.

What happened to flying the friendly skies?

It's all a mess right now.

And airline people need to vent and set a few things straight.

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Pilots And Passengers Divulge Their Scariest Flight Experiences
louis magnotti on Unsplash

Many people are afraid of flying. Thankfully, airline accidents are especially rare.

According to The International Air Transport Association, there was just one major aviation crash for every 5.4 million flights in 2018. The odds of dying in a plane accident are super low: The odds are 1 in 9,821.

That doesn't mean that accidents don't happen, obviously, but you can sleep at night. But of course there have been accidents and other scary experiences so both pilots and passengers have stories to tell.

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New Report From The New York Times Details Recent Encounters Between U.S. Navy Pilots And UFOs
PBNJ Productions/Getty Images

UFOs don't necessarily mean aliens, as they have been associated with in pop culture, but they definitely do mean something weird is going on.

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Airplane Pilots Share The Scariest Moments They Experienced That Passengers Never Found Out About
Getty Images

Flying can be a scary event for many people, but it's actually quite safe to fly, statistically speaking. But then there are the incidents we don't hear about... Those were the basis for today's burning question from Redditor Splitdesiresagain, who asked the online community: "Airplane pilots of Reddit, what was your biggest "We're all fucked up" moment that you survived and your passengers didn't notice?"

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Think you know what's happening on your flight? Ya don't. Flight attendants dressing up dead people, hauling vital organs, and pilots goofing off on the emergency channel are just a few of the things passengers usually don't notice. But they happen, and now I want to be a pilot.

Yamesfrank0 asked flight attendants and pilots of Reddit: What are some things that happen mid flight that only the crew are aware of?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

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