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People Explain How They'd Honestly Respond If Their Partner Asked For An Open Relationship
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Open relationships are a minefield.

Lesson number one: always be on the same page.

There is nothing wrong with being open in love, but know you're doing it for the right reasons.

If not, there could be consequences.

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*Content warning: suicide*

The concept of an open relationship is nothing new.

It's just that nobody really spoke of it so openly in the past.

Now people are openly discussing whether monogamy suits them in modern times.

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People Confess How They Really Feel About Monogamy
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Monogamy. Is it natural?

We're in a place now where when it comes to sex, everyone is freer.

It's all confusing.

So we must start questioning.

What are everyone's thoughts on one partner?

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People Break Down The Best Ways To Ask A Significant Other For An Open Relationship

Being in a romantic relationship can be hard work.

You're constantly navigating highs and lows.

There is so much compromise involved it can feel like political warfare.

And one of the main factors that keeps romance alive is the spice up.

You want to try to keep things from getting stale.

So that is when new sexual ideas emerge.

Often this is when secret fantasies come to light.

And a lot of the time... the requests don't go over so well.

Redditor MuchLoveWaffleGirlwanted to hear about how to navigate romantic requests of a partner. So they asked:

"What would you do if your SO asked you to have an open relationship?"
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Sex. What an issue.

And sex and love? Where do we begin?

Two ideas people are often afraid to talk honestly about and two topics often intertwined.

Who gets to define the parameters of a relationship?

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