Redditor Balks After Coworker Shames Them For Eating Tuna Salad In Their Own Private Office
People have all sorts of sensitivies. Light, sound, even certain smells or textures can be very difficult for some people to tolerate. So what happens when some else decides to make their sensitivities your concern? That was the issue facing Redditor and Original Poster (OP) throwaway29383820 when he came to the  “Am I the A**hole” […] More

Never dip your pen in the company ink.

An age-old saying warning you not to seek out love within your workplace.

In most cases, this is just a word of caution. In others, dating your colleagues is still against company policies or can only be done after a mountain load of paperwork is completed.

While some might find this ridiculous, many find it understandable and adhere very closely to these rules.

After all, what could be more awkward than your ex or an ill-advised one-night stand sitting in the next cubicle over?

Even so, when you think you feel sexual tension with a colleague or co-worker, it can be hard not to act on that impulse.

Because really, what's the worst that could happen?

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Redditor Blasts Coworker For Continuing To Contact Them Despite Phone On ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode
No matter the profession, maintaining a healthy working relationship with one’s colleagues is essential. Even if you will never become friends with these people outside of work, remaining cordial and professional will always ensure that work will get done efficiently and on time. Putting yourself at odds with a colleague might not only affect your […] More
Colleagues in a break room
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Flirting is always a delicate balance.

While an obvious way to get someone's attention, and let them know they find them attractive and (hopefully), are interested in dating them, it's not always appreciated.

As some people find flirting to be little more than thinly veiled sexual harassment, particularly when intentions are less than honorable.

Flirting is an even more dangerous game when in the office.

While some people flirt with colleagues for little more than harmless fun, others take flirting in the workspace much more seriously.

Whether they're the ones doing the flirting, or the ones being flirted to.

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Much as we might try to deny it, who hasn't found themselves dealing with one of "those colleagues" at work?

The sort of colleague where work gets done in spite of them, who doesn't seem to possess any of the basic qualifications their position requires, who uses up all their paid sick days at the very beginning of the calendar year.

The kind of employee where we're often left wondering, "how did they get that job?"

Then, when we actually do a little digging, we might learn the answer to that very question.

Often resulting in our making a surprising, if not downright humbling, discovery.

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