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Vacationing with close friends is never guaranteed to be as fun as it might seem. In spite of the close knit bond you might share with them, no two people share the same idea of vacationing, which could lead to some problems when it comes to planning an itinerary Such was the case with Redditor […] More

Some one night stands are unforgettable.

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*CONTENT WARNING: Contains descriptions of violence against animals*

Angelina Bouros is a trans woman living in Rosendale, NY.

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Adults Explain To The Younger Generations What It Was Like To Fly Before 9/11

Evil changed the world as we knew it on September 11th, 2001.

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People Debate The Most Overrated Tourist Destinations

Rodin Eckenroth
/ Contributor via Getty

Many will argue that Time Square is the most overrated tourist spot in New York City, but I have to disagree.

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