People Explain What They Will Never Do Under Any Circumstances
Photo by Beth Hope on Unsplash

Adventurous people will tend to give almost anything a try at least once, just for the sake of it.

Others might only be willing to try certain things if there was an incentive to do so, such as money or an exciting prize.

But more often than not, there are many things that people will absolutely never do, no matter the circumstance, no matter the amount of money offered.

Redditor chezjvr was curious what things would be an unequivocal hard pass for the Reddit community, leading them to ask:

"What will you never ever do under any circumstances?"
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People Explain What They Will Boycott Until They Die
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

There are just some hills we plant our feet on and pledge to hold out until death.

We have to put our money and influence where our mouths are.

And sometimes boycotting is the way to go.

If a certain clothing line uses child labor... and you care... as you should... you buy a different line.

I'm looking at you Kathy Lee!

You get the idea.

Let's hear what hills everyone is on.

Redditor SteelTookSteroids wanted to discuss all the things people will not support, no matter what. They asked:

"What's something you're boycotting till the day you die?"
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People Break Down Which Questions You Should Never Ask On A First Date
Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

Dating during a pandemic is a little awkward. Some people have tried dating over zoom, other have tried going on dates outdoors.

Though one thing that still remains are topics and questions that should just be avoided on a first date.

Not everyone is comfortable talking about intimate details in their life when they're just starting to get to know someone. Opening up too quickly could set off a red flag.

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People Break Down Which Things You Should Never Do Once You Turn 30
claudia lam/Unsplash

The big 3-0. For some reason, turning 30 years old has become a very scary thing.

The past two years in particular have been very strange one's to turn the milestone age. Cosmopolitan interviewed a few people who turned 30 turning the pandemic.

One person said:

"Turning 30 is the point at which we're pressured to feel it 'all coming together.'"

Because no one had anything to do on their birthdays, and their once vibrant lives were on pause, that quarter-life crisis feeling wasn't as heavy. They were able to let go of the things they thought they needed in their 20s.

We went to Ask Reddit to learn more about what those things were that needed to change once you hit that magic number.

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People Explain Which Activities They've Vowed Never To Take Up
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Most of us have that one thing they strongly object to doing.

Any attempt at trying to convince a person to do something they are apprehensive about is futile because at the end of the day, we all have our kryptonite, and we will avoid confronting it at all costs.

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