necessary evil

The Greatest Examples Of Necessary Evil
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There are several things we look back in history which instantly make us shudder.

Wars, acts of terrorism, shootings.

We can even say the same of our own lives, as we look back on family illnesses, break-ups or terrifying travel experiences.

It's easy to say that these are events or memories which we wish had never happened.

However, if we stop and reflect, we might realize that all of the above, and more, were important stepping stones in our lives and the course of history.

As they were all valuable learning experiences which shaped our lives, and the world, for the better.

A "necessary evil", if you will.

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The Black Death is notable for wiping out much of the population of continental Europe. It was a terrible, devastating, and protracted event that was no doubt traumatic for those who managed to survive it.

But did you know that it led directly to the average person having a say in how they are ruled? With a shortage of workers, peasants found themselves with considerably more bargaining power. Migration patterns changed and different towns and cities grew out of the wreckage.

It's wild to think about: If the plague had not happened, would we all still be serfs?

But the Black Death isn't the only historical event with a macabre silver lining. People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor follopie asked the online community,

"What are some of the 'necessary evils' of history?"
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