People Share The Dumbest Mistake They've Ever Seen An Incompetent Coworker Make
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We all make mistakes.

It's simply human nature.

But that doesn't mean we don't often find ourselves frustrated when other people make mistakes.

Particularly if these other people are our colleagues, resulting in having to clean up the mess they created.

Redditor xk543x was curious to hear about some of the worst, or most inane mistakes made by unreliable co-workers, leading them to ask:

"What's the dumbest mistake you've seen an incompetent co worker make?"
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People Break Down Their Craziest 'Oh, You're Not Joking?' Experiences
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

There's nothing more embarrassing than laughing at a story someone just told, or a question someone just asked, under the assumption that they were joking.

Only to realize a few seconds later that they weren't joking.

It happens to the best of us.

In some cases, these can be bizarre stories which we might laugh about months or years down the road.

Though more often than not, we immediately feel a foot slamming into our mouth with a vengeance.

Redditor tatemalia was eager to hear the wildest, most embarrassing of these unfortunate moments, leading them to ask:

"What's your 'Oh..You're not joking' moment?"
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People Divulge The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Ever Witnessed

It's all our deepest fear to fall flat on our faces when there's a bunch of people around. No one wants to look the fool, and no one wants to look the fool especially when it happens before a group of people you're going to see every day for the forseeable future.

Embarrassing moments can come out of nowhere, but how you handle yourself in the aftermath is what matters. Laugh it off, shake it off, go with the chuckles, and let the people know you can't be hurt by it.

Well, unless you're any of the people in the stories below. Then I'd consider getting a new address and name.

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People Describe The Worst Cases Of Medical Malpractice They've Seen
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Yes, doctors are miracle workers, a lot of the time.

But doctors and, all medical personal for that matter, are only human.

They make mistakes. Sometimes their mistakes lead to death or irreparable physical damage to a patient.

Beyond mistakes though, just like any other job or career field, you do have those people that make everyone wonder... "How the HELL did you get this job?"

That shouldn't be a question for a doctor.

Redditor PeaAdministrative874 wanted to hear about how participants in the medical field have made a few mistakes too many, by asking:

"[serious] What is the worst case of malpractice you've ever seen?"
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People Break Down The Worst Thing Someone's Ever Done To Them With Good Intentions
Image by kalhh from Pixabay

No good deed goes unpunished. And many good deeds are not a great idea. We all harbor a God/Hero complex whether we acknowledge it or not. Over the course of life we think we have the right to step and save another from and all situations, because we know better, at the time.

But we really need to take a few steps back more often than not, because six times out of ten we seem to just cause more chaos. And "whoops, I'm sorry" doesn't make anybody feel better.

Even with the best of intentions we need to be sure of what we're doing. Is this surprise what they really need? Or want? Is this a momentary good idea? Just some thoughts.

Redditor u/MhmmmMoist wanted to discuss the times everyone's heart was in the right place but their brain was not to be found, by asking:

What's the worst thing someone has done for you with 'good intentions'?
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