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Blue pill or red pill? That is the question. Everyday feels like a computer game gone awry, or like we're all stars in our versions of the Matrix films. Life too often feels unreal and like a virus is corrupting the download. We all have to be our own personal Neo. Déjà Vu or Matrix, the universe can be a tricky mistress.

Redditor u/mailseuuu wanted to discuss the times when life seemed a bit... off... by asking... Was there a moment wherein you thought it was a "glitch in the matrix"? What are your stories?
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A glitch. Deja Vú. Call it what you what but life can be weird. Like movie weird. We sometimes find ourselves reliving a moment, and that first time may have been a dream but it still counts. We're all far more in tune to the ether than we want to acknowledge, because how scary is it to connect to the unknown, but the unknown has no issue reaching out. The Matrix may be real after all. Which pill will you take?

Redditor u/1v1brah wanted to hear from everyone who experienced those moments of mess in the matrix by asking.... Redditors who experienced a glitch in the matrix, what happened?
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